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Bagels with a Past

Who doesn't love a bagel? Mark has fond memories of his father's weekly Sunday trip for bagels and lox from the appetizing store in their family's Queens neighborhood. The bagels he remembers from that time are not the puffy, doughy pillows you find today. They were denser, chewier, smaller--no "scooping" required! In 2008 he decided that before they became a culinary memory, he'd try his hand at making his own. Now he's on a mission to bring back the traditional, handmade New York bagel. 

He must be doing something right, because Serious Eats dubbed his bagels "New York's Best Bagel." Get ready to enjoy Straussie's bagels (and biyalis) at Mark's upcoming new restaurant, Mark's Off Madison!

See how Mark makes "New York's Best Bagel"

Bagel (and Biyali) Gallery

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